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We inform, educate, motivate, and support Idaho voters for active involvement in the democratic process and social justice advocacy. 


A Closer Look

Real News/Fake News

The number of U.S. daily newspapers in 2016 fell to 1,286, down from 1,748 in 1970.

 We are caught in an information crisis, and it’s largely one of our own making. This is a bitter irony the 21st Century, in which, with wide access to more information more quickly than ever before, so many Americans know so little about their own country and how it’s supposed to work.  

Get Involved Intelligently

More than 5,000 people marched in Boise, with 1,500 more around the Gem State.

Soon after Donald J. Trump took office in 2017, The New York Times noted his presidency has galvanized political activism to a level of passion not seen since the civil rights movement. The first Womens March   was the largest coordinated demonstration of its kind in American history. 

Don't Get Mad, Vote

Idaho allows election day registration. With an affidavit, ou can even vote without a photo ID

The most important action you can take as a U.S. citizen is to vote. Sadly, however, as the 2016 election presidential showed, the largest block of voters in America isn’t Republicans or Democrats, nor even independents. It’s the millions of people who don’t even bother to turn up at the polls.  

Important Idaho Issues

Idaho citizens stand for equal rights and justice for all of us.

Friends of TransForm Idaho tell us they are concerned about social justice issues, especially about healthcare, economic stability, quality of education, and human rights and equal justice under law.

Contact Your Lawmakers

Idaho legislators in the 1913-1914 session.

A big part of civic activism is communication, especially with elected officials. Whether through letters, emails, phone calls, or in person, give them the good news and the bad. They work for us.

Vote Smarter

Idaho gubernatorial in the Nov. 6 election: Republican Brad Little, and Democrat Paulette Jordan.

We've come a long way from George "I cannot tell a lie" Washington and  "Honest Abe" Lincoln. It's more crucial than ever to weigh candidates based on what they do, not just what they say.

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