The Road to 2020

New Priorities

People demonstrate for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) /Reuters

Idaho Voters Energized for Nov. 3 Election

Be Sure You Are Ready

The Gem State's March presidential preference primary was notably more energized, with a 360 percent increase in Democrat turnout and a reported doubling of Republican voters for incumbent President Donald Trump. In advance of the Nov. 3 polls, be sure you are properly registered. You can check and update your registration information at the official Idaho Votes Website, here:

COVID-19 Concerns May Affect How We Vote

Changes in our daily lives as an effect of the global COVID-19 pandemic make it impossible to know how the Nov. 3 general election will be conducted.

Because of the uncertainty, we are encouraging election officials and voters alike to be prepared to vote by absentee ballot. Information on how to vote absentee in Idaho is here:

What's At Stake in 2020

The November election represents our opportunity to make change. At the national level, we have abundant evidence the current administration is not only incapable of governing, but is incapable of telling the truth. Sadly, and especially when America needs honesty and candor from the White House, President Trump has only made matters worse.

At the state level, the incompetence of the 2020 Legislature was stunningly beyond any previous disappointments in modern history. Lawmakers not only failed to complete their most pressing responsibilities regarding fiscal responsibility, they wasted the session with hurtful, probably unconstitutional, hypocritical, and even hateful proposals, This November, Idaho voters must look carefully at all candidates, but especially must consider the actual performance (or nonperformance) of those seeking reelection. And when you vote, consider what they do, not just what they say. 

A Closer Look

Real News/Fake News

Contact Your Lawmakers

Contact Your Lawmakers

The number of U.S. daily newspapers in 2016 fell to 1,286, down from 1,748 in 1970.

 We are caught in an information crisis, and it’s largely one of our own making. This is a bitter irony the 21st Century, in which, with wide access to more information more quickly than ever before, so many Americans know so little about their own country and how it’s supposed to work.  

Contact Your Lawmakers

Contact Your Lawmakers

Contact Your Lawmakers

Idaho legislators in the 1913-1914 session.

A big part of civic activism is communication, especially with elected officials. Whether through letters, emails, phone calls, or in person, give them the good news and the bad. They work for us.

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