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TransForm Idaho Inc. is an Idaho-sanctioned 501 (c)(3) charitable educational organization as chartered under the rules of the  Internal Revenue Service.

Established in April 2012, TransForm Idaho began as a group of concerned citizens who went to the Idaho Statehouse in Boise to protest proposed legislation that would have required pregnant women considering an abortion to undergo an invasive and medically unnecessary ultrasound exam. We approached the issue not from being for or against abortion, but from the position that lawmakers have no business trying to legislate a woman’s childbearing or reproductive health decisions. The bill was defeated, largely because of our opposition and testimony, and the persuasive powers of like-minded citizen lobbyists.

That experience convinced us that informed, concerned citizens can bring change through persistent, persuasive engagement with elected officials. We have since helped inform, educate, train, motivate, and empower ordinary people throughout Idaho to be more active in the democratic process through contact and communication with legislators and officeholders at all levels, from community leaders to officeholders at local, state, and national levels. 

As a nonprofit organization, we do not endorse specific candidates or specific legislation. We can, and do, however, advocate for equal rights and expansion of social justice. And we can and do urge you to seek and weigh the facts for yourself before you vote, and in your contacts with elected officials at all levels.

We recognize that, as good as Idaho is, it could and should be better, especially in such categories as economic stability, access to affordable healthcare, quality education, and equal protection under law. We encourage all eligible citizens to register and vote, to run for public office, and to be part of a dialogue with elected officials at all levels. We recognize that informed voters are essential to a viable democracy that makes and administers laws that work for the benefit of all, not just an elite.

Accordingly, we provide information and educational resources and present them on this site, our Digging Deeper Blog, and through our social media platforms to help voters better understand how government works, and to engage with elected officials in positive, constructive ways.

TransForm Idaho is an all-volunteer organization that helps promote the activities of other nonprofits that advocate more specific progressive causes. Our aim is to help ensure as many people as possible in Idaho are aware of the efforts of such organizations, and to encourage popular support for their work.

TransForm Idaho co-founder Sue Philley outside the Idaho Capitol.

TransForm Idaho co-founder Sue Philley outside the Idaho Capitol.

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